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Chakras, Put Simply...

The human body has 7 Major Chakras or energy centres. They follow the spine from the top of the head (crown chakra) to the tailbone (root chakra), and each has a special power. When they're besties, they communicate fluidly and work as one, provided us with every tool necessary to evolve, heal and connect deeply with our physical, emotional and spiritual self.


Humans need a high vibration to be their best self. This fuels the chakras and literally makes them hum harmoniously. When we vibrate in sympathy with certain sounds, it's called Resonance; it is why music has an emotional impact. Why nature is so calming, its vibrational song matches our ideal frequency. During moments of complete contentment or (as athletes call it) in a Flow State, your vibrations are in magical synch with everything around you.

Lower vibrations however are lazy and dense. Fear, sadness, pain, anger, anything that makes us feel rubbish can clog a chakra. The good vibes can't get through. Unable to talk to one another, the whole system is weakened. Insecurity and mistrust set in between them. Negativity spreads. Before you know it, you're home to a dysfunctional (and tone deaf) energy family. Resonance means that people and situations that vibrate at an equally low frequency are drawn to you, locking you further into a substandard vibe.  

The Good News:

Chakras don't break

A Reiki Healer is able channel high vibrations directly to you and your chakras. 

The only science you need to know...

  • The smallest building block of matter is the atom, 99.99% of which is Energy. This means we are 99.99% energy, as is everything around us and throughout the universe.

  • Energy constantly moves, which makes vibrations - it is these vibrations that make things look solid when, in fact, nothing is.

  • The speed of these vibrations is called its Frequency.

  • Higher (fast) frequencies are excellent for humans - just as the universe intended. 

  • Lower (slow) vibrations are excellent if you're a chair - it makes you (appear) more dense. (Humans do not belong here). 

Your Chakra Health Checklist

The first step to restoring energy flow is an awareness of any imbalance. I have provided a checklist to help you get to know how your own chakras roll...

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