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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

Reiki, Put Simply: Welcome

Reiki, put simply...

Every atom in your body - all 7 octillion of them - is a teeny tornado of vibrating energy. This 'electricity' (aka Universal Life Force) animates all living things and when its flow is strong and free, our mind, body and soul are in a great state to flourish. The Japanese call it, Ki.

Ki, however, has a nemesis. Negativity.

Illness, emotional pain and everyday life  can make energy flow sluggish, causing blockages that show themselves as stress, anxiety, unhelpful behaviours and health niggles.      

The Reiki healer is extremely attuned to Ki and, using gentle hand movements, channels this beautiful, positve energy directly to you. Negative pile-ups are flushed through and healthy flow is restored. During the treatment, it’s likely you will experience a lovely, almost-atomic hum, as your natural healing kicks back in.

I like to call it a spiritual plumb.​

Reiki is suitable for…

Everyone and anyone. Pregnant women, babies, children, the frail and elderly, animals, even rooms, because positive energy attracts positive energy so why not envelop yourself in it. 

The NHS routinely recommend and often provide Reiki as a complement to traditional medical treatment. In fact, scientific studies (long overdue) now indicate that Reiki healers do indeed emit electromagnetic and bio-magnetic energy from their hands, inducing current flow in tissues and cells.

Reiki is excellent for...

1. Wellbeing and positivity. It can kick-start life changes around diet, exercise, self-care and addiction. 

2. Anger and stress management, promoting a calmer response to challenges.

3. Spiritual comfort, especially when we feel alone.

4. Following surgery, injury or illness, Reiki can stimulate your immune system and self-healing.

5. Supports well-being when receiving surgical treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and kidney dialysis.

6. Deeply relaxing and meditative, Reiki is a wonderful addition to any wellness routine.

The downsides…

  • None - Reiki is non-invasive and has no contraindications or harmful effects.

  • Still None - it’s all about positive energy and love.

What Reiki is not...

1. A religion. 

It is energy healing, which has been used for millennia by our ancestors, regardless of background and belief.

2. A cure for disease or illness. 

It is a complementary therapy with one aim: to help our bodies create an environment conducive with self-healing.

3. Magic.

Healers who claim to have unique abilities are talking out of their root chakra. We are all made of energy, so every one of us has the full toolset to channel reiki ourselves. 

That said...

The practitioner's awareness of Ki is fine-tuned over a period of time. This involves:

1. Training (to Second Degree Level),

2. Numerous energy ‘Attunements’ (which must be performed by a Reiki Master)

3. A lot of practice to conscientiously hone your abilities. 


My training is in the Mikao Usui Reiki System. I have completed Shodun (Reiki First Degree), Okuden (Reiki Second Degree) and Shinpiden (Reiki Master Level). I am qualified to both practice and teach. 

Entrusted with someone's wellbeing is a privilege. Your needs (physical and emotional) are as unique as a fingerprint and my treatment is equally bespoke.  Whether it's 1 session or 4, I consider our time together a shared journey and my investment is full.

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