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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

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The atoms in your body - all 7 octillion of them - are teeny tornados of vibrating energy. In fact, every atom in the entire universe is 99.999% vibrating enrgy. It is the electricity that animates us and the world around us. Energy healers call it the Universal Life Force. The Japanese call it 'Ki'. The Chinese, 'Chi' or 'Qi'. Hindus, 'Prana'. Christians, the Holy Spirit.

Humans need high vibrations to be their best self - we vibrate in sympathy with them, which is called Resonance. It's why music has an emotional impact. It's also why nature calms your soul; its vibrational song matches our own ideal frequency. During moments of complete contentment or - as athletes call it - when in a "flow state" , your vibrations are in magical synch with everything around you. 

Feeling low, physically or emotionally, flattens your frequency. Slow vibrations are dense, lazy and invasive. The Natural Law of Resonance means that you're more likely to attract people and situations that mirror your frequency.  

The Good News:

Atoms never break. They just get clogged and need a plumb.

A Reiki Healer channels high vibrations directly to you, flushing away negative energy and reinstating your own natural power which, at it's best, is simply astonishing.

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  • The smallest building block of matter is the atom, 99.99% of which is Energy. This means we are 99.99% energy, as is everything around us and throughout the universe.

  • Energy constantly moves, which makes vibrations - it is these vibrations that make things look solid when, in fact, nothing is.

  • The speed of these vibrations is called its Frequency.

  • Higher (fast) frequencies are excellent for humans - just as the universe intended. 

  • Lower (slow) vibrations are excellent if you're a chair - it makes you (appear) more dense. (Humans do not belong here)


London, SE9


My practice is based in Eltham Heights, SouthEast London, in close proximity to Falconwood Station, the A2 and A20.

There is free on-street parking.

Home: About

My training is in the Mikao Usui Reiki System. I have completed Shodun (Reiki First Degree), Okuden (Reiki Second Degree) and Shinpiden (Reiki Master Level). I am qualified to both practice and teach. Entrusted with someone's wellbeing is a privilege. Your physical, emotional and spiritual needs are as unique as a fingerprint. My treatments are equally bespoke and my investment is always full.

And because, too often, therapy rooms are the size of a cupboard and exude the warmth of an operating theatre, I have built a beautiful little refuge - The Cabin. A unique space inspired by the treatment rooms of warmer climes, which are organic and tranquil. Their walls are infused with incense, the colours; warm and joyful. Reiki is deeply relaxing and I want a space that feels a complete treat to visit.

noun /ˈkæbɪn/

small shelter made of wood

The Chakras, put simply

The Chakras are the body's power centres. Electrical junction boxes that connect your atoms to one another and to the world around you. They communicate via vibrations. The human body has 7 Major Chakras, each has its own superpower. When these energy centres are besties, communication is fluid and they work as one, providing us with the full toolbox necessary to heal and connect deeply with our physical, emotional and spiritual self.









Chakra Chart - I AM, I SEE _edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Your Chakra Health

The first step to restoring energy flow is an awareness of any imbalance. I have provided a checklist to help you get to know how your own chakras roll...

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One of the most amazing experiences that I've had. Louise was so understanding and helpful. She helped me to look at what was going on and I could feel the difference after the first session. I've been back many times now and I know the compassion and understanding that Louise provides as much as her other gifts has changed me in ways that I'm slowly beginning to appreciate. Louise, I can't thank you enough for the support that you've provided me

S. Shergill

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